Where does my money go?

When you enter a sweepstakes on Mov a portion of the money is donated to the charity chosen by the athlete running the sweepstakes (you can see it in the info section of their post).

What percentage of the money goes to the charity?

Unless otherwised specified, 70% of the proceeds go to the charity, 10% goes to the players and 20% goes to Mov to sustain marketing costs for the company.

How do I get a free ticket on Mov?

To get free tickets on Mov link your contacts and invite friends on the home feed. After the post is shared through our share functioning, the ticket will appear in your wallet.

How long does it take to receive an item afer I win?

If you're the lucky winner of a Mov sweepstakes, you should receive your item in 5-10 business days.

How many times can I enter a sweepstakes?

Currently, we have no cap on how many times you can enter a sweepstakes.

Can I share my tickets with friends?

You can share tickets in two ways right now. If you share a sweepstakes with a friend via our share option, each of you get a free ticket. You can also purchase a digital gift card for a friend with any of our ticket packages or a custom amount.

Where can I find the sweepstakes I entered after-the-fact?

All the sweepstakes you entered can be found in your Settings (gear icon) on your profile page in the "Redeem" section.

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